Visual Arts Press Award

Celebrating Art & Artists

Brazilian Visual Arts has been one of the pinnacles of Brazilian image of creativity, imagination, quality and success all over the world, specially after the breakthrough “Week of 1922”.

The “Week of 1922”, the way is called in Brazil, was the revolutionary movement that introduced the Modernism and disrupted the conservativism in the Brazilian artistic environment.

The History of Brazilian Arts in the United States, the largest market for visual arts in the world, responsible alone for more than 60% of all art sold in the planet, is of the continuing discovery and successes.

Created in 2015, the Visual Arts Press Award is the answer for the consolidation of the Brazilian art & artists presence in the United States.

Its mission is to promote the craft produced by Brazilian artists, residents in the U.S. or bringing here their works in exhibitions and events.

On the footsteps of the 21 years of celebrated Brazilian International Press Awards, the Visual Arts Press Award was an instant success and it is growing continuously.

Its entire process of nominee selections and final choice of winners evolved to a artists-inspired environment.